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Contratas Gimeno 2006, S.L.  is a construction company established in 2006 by its founder and largest shareholder, Ricardo Gimeno. From day one, we have prioritized the quality rather than the quantity, being careful with the detail and personalizing our attention to our clients. In recent years, we have expanded our horizons and worked on projects in a national and international scale, specializing in hostelry and restoration. Furthermore, in Contratas Gimeno, we believe in the social responsibility of the company, actively collaboration in the economic and cultural development of the city of Barcelona, being of the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona.


Our traits are characterized by:


A team formed by qualified professionals ranging from the technical aspects -engineers, architects, interior designers,…- to the professional specialization of different professions, which guarantees the most appropriate technical solutions for each project.


The efficient service is directly linked to the rigor, firmness and the continuity of our company policy, aiming the services’ efficiency for our clients. Therefore, we become the wiser, safer and more profitable option.


The highest material’s quality, the modernity and the use of new technologies which we apply in all our projects deference us significantly.


Integrated systems allow us to monitor at all times that the work carried out meets the expectations set in time, controlling possible deviations that may occur and analyzing them to provide solutions to those deviations.


Our clear customer commitment leads us to obtain the best results and the most optimal objectives, always maintaining a clean balance between cost, quality and deadlines. Open budgets by mediation or closed budgets with quality and defined deadlines.


A definite commitment: safety in our processes, collective and individual protection measures for workers and people involved. The environment and waste classification pushes us to engage with society which, like us, bets on a sustainable development.


Contratas Gimeno has a series of certificates that legitimize its work.


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